April 15, 2020 - Staff Digest

April 15, 2020

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Dear SFUSD Staff:

We have made significant strides towards our goals these past several weeks, and I am so grateful for all of the ways in which our teachers, staff, and community members have come together in the most challenging circumstances. I hope you are finding ways to care for yourselves and also ways to make real connections with others as we navigate these many changes to our daily lives.


Continuity of Learning: Virtual meetings with students

Our students’ safety and security is a top priority as we transition to learning in a more virtual environment. Learn more about virtual meetings with students and leverage SFUSD’s Norms for Online Teaching and Learning to prepare for successful virtual meetings. Additionally, visit the Cyberbullying & Cyber Harassment page to learn about how to identify and address inappropriate online behaviors.

Zoom: If you still need to activate Zoom, check out the Activating Your SFUSD Managed Account guide. While the change to a managed domain has made our settings more secure, educators still need to check their settings to make sure the recommended security features to prevent Zoombombing are in place (See the Guide to Virtual meetings with Students for more information). 

Also, please note that there is a risk (even with district-required logins) that students can join using fake names. We are working closely with Zoom on this.  

Hangouts Meet: You can now use Hangouts Meet from within Google Classroom to meet with students! Check out our Guide to Virtual Meetings with Students to get started with Meet in your Classroom.

Continuity of Learning: Technology Resources

SFUSD students have an SFUSD-provided Google account. With this account, students have access to communication, collaboration, and learning tools, such as Google Classroom and Seesaw, virtual meeting tools such as Google Meet and Zoom, and a menu of learning tools through the SFUSD Digital Backpack

Need Help? Visit sfusd.edu/familytechnology to get support, including videos, with using Chromebooks and accessing learning tools like Google Classroom and SeeSaw, video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet, and email through each student’s SFUSD Google account.

Continuity of Learning: PK-2 Learning Kits

SFUSD has distributed over 10,000 learning kits, including over 30,000 books to PK-2 families. We are excited to continue to provide learning materials and resources to families throughout school closures.

If a child has not received a PreK-2 learning kit, there is still time. See updated pick up information:

  • When: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm through this Friday (April 17)

  • Where (locations have been updated): Pick up PK-2 Learning Kits at any of these school sites (or your own school site - if your school reached out directly)

Find a link to the paper-based portion of the Learning Kits in the opening paragraph of each grade-level page under “Learning from Home”: PreK & TK; Kindergarten, 1st grade; 2nd grade

Find Monday, Wednesday, Friday Family Digests Online
Are you curious about what is being communicated by the district to all SFUSD families? We email Family Digests, which primarily consist of the key messages section in the Leaders’ Digest, to all parents on the same Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule as we send these Staff Digests. We post the Digests on the website as soon as they are sent through email.

Reminder - No staff or students allowed in schools at this point.

Please do not make plans for students to access their lockers for the time being.

Reminder - Food Resources

Reminder - Accept 2020-2021 School Placement or Apply by THIS FRIDAY (April 17)

If a parent has not yet accepted their Round 1 school placement offer, they have until April 17. Students with a Round 1 assignment offer will lose their school placement if families do not register.

If a family has not yet applied for May Placement (Round 2), but plan to, they have until April 17.

Staff Resource

Do you have questions about security and privacy while using technology for working remotely? Check out the employee FAQs on this topic and many others on the SFUSD employee FAQ website (SFUSD login required)

Wellness and Emotional Wellbeing

Learning begins at home. Here are four suggestions to support you and your family in this new experience of distance learning: 

  • Make life as predictable as you can - we are creatures of habit.
    • Create daily rituals.
    • Set Daily Activities
  • Demonstrate flexibility - we all need a little give and take.
  • Keep that human connection - we all need to feel a sense of belonging.
    • Make a plan to connect with people you miss!
  • Make family-centered choices - we all can focus on family first.
    • Take time to focus on what is important and matters for your family

Bright Spot

SFUSD Department of Technology surpassed its original target of distributing 10,000 Chromebooks! As of the end of today, DoT has provided 10,112 Chromebooks to students who need them for distance learning. There will be more central deployments next week and DoT will be doing targeted outreach to families via phone calls and home deliveries to continue reaching students. Thank you to all staff, donors and volunteers for making this possible!

Warm regards,
Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthew