January 6, 2021

January 6, 2021

Dear SFUSD Staff:

You may be following the news regarding the assault on our nation’s capital today in a very disturbing display of violence and hatred that many are calling an attempted coup. You may have also seen that Georgia elected their first ever African American senator, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff will be the first Jewish senator elected to a Southern state in over 100 years.

As we continue to grapple with a very divided nation and the terrible impacts of the pandemic, I am inspired by community leaders in Georgia where record numbers of voters turned out. Today’s historic events in Washington and Georgia are a reminder that we must persist in our commitment to social justice and that the work we do to educate our children to become critical thinkers and to evaluate information using multiple sources is more important than ever. I’m proud of our shared core values and the thousands of students, families and staff who demonstrate those values in action every day. 

We’re sharing SFUSD updates and more with you in today’s digest but also want to be sure to acknowledge the many feelings we all may be having right now. Please take good care.


COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocol Trainings

As part of the training component of the SFUSD’s COVID-19 Prevention Program, all SFUSD employees are required to complete three (3) training modules even if you have completed the previous Google Classroom training as the guidance has changed!

  • COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols for In-Person Learning 
  • COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols for Central Office Locations 
  • COVID-19 Guidelines for In-Person COVID-19 Symptom Screening and Response

The training requires staff to 1) read the written protocols; 2)  review the online training; and 3) score 100% on the final training quiz.  Each module takes approximately 60-90 minutes  to complete. Employees are expected to complete the modules during the work/contract day; please work with your supervisor if necessary to establish a time to complete this important assignment. 

Employees will receive an email the week of January 5th from Brit Insurance TEAM Platform with the subject line Your SFUSD Training Assignment which will include the name of the training modules assigned and a link to the online training platform. 

  • If you are currently accessing SFUSD facilities and working onsite, you must complete the training modules within 10 business days of receipt of the email notification. You can continue to access the site if you have already completed the Google Classroom module while you are completing the new training modules.
  • If you are not currently accessing SFUSD facilities and are working remotely, or you plan to work a distribution event, you must complete the training one week prior to returning to working onsite at an SFUSD facility. 

For technical inquiries regarding access to the training module, contact riskmanagement@sfusd.edu. For questions related to scheduling the time to complete the training, please contact your supervisor or site administrator.

Tips & Strategies for Leveraging SFUSD Tech Platforms for the New Semester

Check out guidance for educators on how to leverage SFUSD technology platforms to support your new semester in 2021 🎉 Tips & strategies include:

  • How to review Zoom settings to help ensure you create a safe and secure environment
  • How to show class assignments from Google Classroom in StudentVue & ParentVUE to support family-school communications
  • How to Sync Synergy Gradebook & Google Classroom
  • How to start a new semester in SFUSD learning systems - Google Classroom & Seesaw

DoT will continue to update this guidance with tips and strategies so keep it handy!

SF Loves Learning for K-2 Students

SF Loves Learning is now airing every weekday, 8:30-9 am on KTVU Plus and on our website: sfusd.edu/sfloveslearning. Each episode includes a culturally affirming science based daily lesson, original song, read aloud, and movement activity, as well as segments from the community. The theme this week on SF Loves Learning is “I am a Scientist!” Next week's theme is "How to Use All Your Senses as a Scientist!" All segments of each episode are in alignment with these themes throughout the weeks. You can search for any segment of any episode by segment type, educator, Graduate Profile skill, and more in our digital library. Segments from this week include titles such as:

  • Are You a Scientist? Daily Lesson
  • Green is a Chile Pepper: Read Aloud
  • Exploring Science Through Dance: Movement Segment
  • Rinconcito del invierno: Original Song

You can also find Seesaw activities linked in our digital library and on our SF Loves Learning Seesaw page. To contribute content for the show, fill out this form (make sure to click “Community” for Type of Segment). To offer feedback about the show, email Brian Fox at foxb2@sfusd.edu.


Technology for Distance Learning 

Synergy and Google Classroom: Gradebook and Google Classroom Sync

Educators! Set up your sync at the start of the semester to ensure assignments and grades sync as you create them throughout your class. Check out these resources:

NOTE: If you were trying to sync during the holiday break from December 18 to January 1, and your school had scheduling changes during the break, please double check to ensure your sections synced successfully.

Zoom: Logging in to Meeting & Security

Explore SFUSD Professional Learning Opportunities

  • Ready to grow your professional practice and your teacher toolkit? SFUSD Professional Learning Opportunities are now easily searchable! Find live and recorded webinars, office hours, and asynchronous modules on topics from digital tools for reading interventions to better engaging students in science in virtual spaces! 
  • Visit the Professional Learning webpage to find current opportunities on the PD Calendar.
  • Submit this Request for Accommodations to schedule ASL Interpreting or Live Captioning services for meetings or PD sessions.

Bright Spot

SFUSD is taking Ethnic Studies to a whole different level, incorporating podcasting to help lift student voices and develop the skills necessary to become agents of change. Learn more here and listen to the podcasts here.

Warm regards,

Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthew