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Gender Equity in Athletics

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 ("Title IX") is most commonly known to apply to athletic opportunities. Title IX applies to all SFUSD schools and prohibits discrimination in all educational programs and activities, not just athletics. Athletic programs are considered educational programs and activities. 

Title IX requires that all genders have equal opportunity in sports.  SFUSD is committed to providing equal opportunities and benefits to all of its student athletes.  For more information on SFUSD's gender participation data per school, please refer to the Participation Data, linked below. 

SFUSD Athletics Participation Data

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Contact Information

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Gail Barksdale
Director of Athletics & Commissioner, CIF San Francisco Section

555 Portola Drive, Bungalow 2
San Francisco, CA  94131
Phone: 415-920-5185
Fax: 415-920-5189
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