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Synergy is the district approved tool for organizing student information and for contacting families. It includes a suite of apps for students, parents, teachers and admin. Attendance data, grades, student info, and more is managed through Synergy.

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Admin can access Synergy on the web through

Self-Paced Online Training Modules

Join our online modules in Google Classroom! Click the + button and click join a class!

  1. New to Synergy? Join the Synergy Admin Portal Basics class [class code: rpts644]

  2. Access built-in Synergy reports! Join the Admin Reports class [class code: ar00b7]

Getting Started

Get started with Admin Portal (AdminVUE) and learn some navigation tips!

Request Access to Synergy

  • How to request access to Synergy for your staff

Dual Login Access Information

  • How to move from Teacher Portal (TeacherVUE) to Admin Portal

Search and Filter Information

  • Quick tips on search and filtering student information!

Use the Docking Area

  • How to pin frequently used information across different tabs or screens!

How to use Synergy Help

  • How to get help when navigating a specific page in Synergy.

Select Modules to Show on Portals

  • Select what modules to display on Family and Student Portals

Use your mobile app!

  • Download AdminVUE to get information on the go!

Family Portal For Admin

Family Portal (ParentVUE) support and communication

Family Portal Activation Toolkit

  • This Toolkit is designed for SFUSD Employees. Resources for families are available in

Print Activation Letters

  • How to print Family Portal activation letters for parents and guardians.

Run Activation Reports

  • See how many have activated their accounts an ensure all families are activated!

Send Mass Email and Post Announcements

  • How to send emails to groups of students or families and how to post announcements on the Student and Family Portals

Update Family Contact Info

  • How to update parent/guardian phone numbers and email addresses

Resolve Family Portal Issues

  • How to assist parents and guardians with their Family Portal account issues.

Family Portal Troubleshooting Guide

  • How to assist with general Family and Student Portal account issues.


Admin Reports to inform your decisions and support students!

How to Run Reports

  • Getting started with built-in reports available in Synergy!

Most commonly used Reports

  • Lists most commonly used reports and their descriptions.

How to Filter Reports

  • How to run specific reports and filter for the information you need.

Generate a list of logins

  • How to generate a report of student usernames and passwords. Print a list by site, teacher, or grade.

Join Google Classroom online module, class code: ar00b7

Student VUE for Admin

Student processes and support for Student Portal (StudentVUE)

Grade Level Changes

  • How to make grade level changes in Synergy depending on student's earned credits

Exit Graduating Seniors

  • How to mass exit graduating seniors

Health Notifications

  • Automatic notifications for student health conditions

Add Teacher Assistants

  • Steps for Counselors on how to add TAs

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