Spectator Code of Conduct

The Spectator's Mission

Spectators at Everett Middle School will enthusiastically support our team. We will support our team without negative acts against the opposing team, its spectators and its coaches. We show our support through positive cheers, waves and clapping on good plays or effort. We will create an atmosphere of respect for the game and everybody involved in it. Negative acts against the opposing team, spectators, coaches, or game officials are not permitted or supported. Anyone showing negative behavior will be asked to leave.

Attendance Is a Privilege Not a Right

Attendance at Everett athletic games or meets is a privilege and not a right. This privilege is predicated upon acting in accord with this Code.

The Code

Respect each other: We will create an atmosphere where all of our fellow Everett spectators can be comfortable. To achieve this, we will engage in respectful conduct which will excludes profanity, obscene gestures, offensive remarks of a sexual nature, trash talking, taunting and boastful celebrations.

Self-control: We will individually uphold the highest standards. We show self-control even if others do not. We remain passionate in support. Displays of anger or frustration are not supported or tolerated.

Respect our coach: We support the coach to do the coaching. Shouting instructions from the sidelines is disrespectful to our coach and not supported.

Respect opposing players: We will cheer for our team and respect the other team. We will be hospitable hosts to opposing players and not engage in any disrespectful acts because we understand that without them there is no game.

Respect the opposing coach and opposing spectators: We will respect the opposing coach and the opposing spectators showing the same respect as we show ours.

Respect the officials: We will support the officials by staying the seating area and not approach them with complaints or questions.  Negative gestures or negative comments, hostile comments or mocking comments towards them are not acceptable.

Show respect before or after the game: We will abide by this Code of Conduct before, during and after the game.

Respect the system: We understand that there is professional oversight for officials and coaches and that disagreements can be voiced respectfully at the appropriate times within the system. We will respect the system and investigate how to work within it if we have concerns or complaints before making them.

This page was last updated on June 24, 2019