Community Narratives

Student Interview Quotes

What is your career or college goal?

I used to want to own a restaurant, but I think I want to be a lawyer now. I see a lot of injustice going on so I want to do something about it -- like a lawyer and activist at the same time.

What interests have you gained in school?

We learned a lot about the racism and politics that's going on through [the Manhood Development Program] class. I find it interesting because it's about my people and I think we should learn more about our own people.

What part of your identity inspires you to excel in or outside of school?

I identify as an African American female. Being in a world where women and African American people are constantly put down in society, it inspires me to be above the expectations they set for us.

Additional Student Quotes

“[The Manhood Development Program] influences my career decisions because it makes me not want to be a statistic, or less than what I can be.” 

“This is my second year in [Black Star Rising], since the beginning of the program we started off with math... I’m already going to have that mindset of how to do this and how to do that so I won’t be falling behind; I’ll be a little ahead of the class.”

"Inside class, things that help me a lot are the assistant teachers. They help me and we have a lot of tools and technology like computers. Being able to talk to people like my friends while we do our work is good because they can help me if the assistant teacher is helping another student."

"In school, I learned I like to do math and play outside. I like learning different subjects and trying them until I get it right. It is fun playing outside with my friends and playing sports. The people I watch inspired me to play sports. It makes me comfortable knowing I can do different things and achieve."

Family Quotes

“As a parent of Black children within SFUSD I am blessed. Blessed to know that on a District level there are teams of people working together to improve how my children see themselves, and are reflected in their classsrooms. By creating schoolwide inclusivity, I truly believe that all Black children have an opportunity to grow academically into successful human beings.”

“My pain is that I have to fight every day for something that is rightfully mine, a quality education. There are days when I cry because the harder I fight for what is right, the more I have to defend myself and my babies.”

“As a mixed-race family, raising African American children, the support and community I have received within AAPAC has made me a better and more compassionate parent to my children.”

Educator Quotes

“Just having the time for family members and staff to meet together on a regular basis is helping Rooftop transform the culture of inclusiveness at the site.  Not only are we getting tools to bring back to the site, but we are given the time to practice using those tools.”

“I feel that my work practices have improved as far as being able to help coordinate to varying degrees, support between AAALI and our Counseling Department, while taking a deeper approach in supporting our African-American students.”

This page was last updated on January 14, 2020