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This website is still in development. Follow the tips here to (1) efficiently navigate our website; (3) find links to our archived public website and SharePoint; and (3) learn about managing content on this website.

Tips for Navigating this Website

  • Use the Search function
    • The Search bar is located near the top right of every page.
    • Note: If you use the Search function when you are on a school website, it will only search that school website. Otherwise, Search seeks content on all pages.
  • Navigating the Website
    • If you are on employee-facing pages, click the SFUSD logo to go to public-facing pages.
    • If you are on public-facing pages, find the employee home page by clicking "Employee Dashboard" under your picture/ person icon.
    • Note: There is content on the top menu pages (not just the drop-down buttons).
      • On a mobile device, press the menu title for an extra second and it will give you the option to open the content in another tab.
  • Opening Links
    • To minimize user confusion, all links on this site currently open in the same window. Use your device's back arrow to return to the previous page.
    • If you wish to open links in a new window, right-click the link and choose "Open Link in New Tab."

Links for Sunsetting SFUSD Sites (also added to Quick Links below)

  • Former public website: https://archive.sfusd.edu/ (Employee only 2/21, sunsetting 6/21)
  • SharePoint: https://district.sfusd.edu/default.aspx (Sunsetting 2/21)

Manage Web Pages on Drupal

  • Find how to sign up for training if you manage school or department website content.
  • Find resources for trained Content Managers and Authors.
  • Reminder: ALL website content (for the public and employees) should be migrated to this site by August 2020. One district, one website.