San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH) Releases Interim Guidance for Schools

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Reopening is contingent on the containment of COVID-19 in the community and the authorization of the San Francisco Health Officer. The interim guidance outlines the health and safety practices needed to safely resume in-person, on-site instruction and extracurricular activities at TK-12 schools. Additionally, the document includes specific actions schools should take to respond to an outbreak of COVID-19 cases. 

The guidance emphasizes required use of face coverings to minimize dispersion of droplets and aerosols that carry the virus. Additionally, it recommends stable student cohorts, physical distancing, maximizing outdoor space and limiting non-essential staff and visitors to prevent COVID-19 transmission, as well as measures regarding handwashing, healthy hygiene practices, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. 

This guide is one tool that we will use to design our plans. School buildings could not reopen until a formal health directive is issued.