Security, Safety & Privacy in Distance Learning Online Environments

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Your student’s safety and security is a top priority as we navigate learning in a virtual environment. We are working hard to ensure all of our platforms are as secure as possible. This includes changing practices and bolstering security in both Zoom and Google Classroom. 

To continue making our digital tools more secure, we are taking the following measures:

  • Moving forward, only enrolled SFUSD students will be allowed in a Google Classroom. In the spring, educators and families may not have realized that Google Classroom is only for SFUSD students. Instead of allowing parents or guardians to join a Google Classroom as a student, your child’s teacher can invite you to Google Guardian Summaries.  
  • Many educator Zoom accounts were opened to allow participants outside of SFUSD’s students and staff. While this openness allows teachers to connect with parents/guardians via Zoom, it also puts classes and our students at risk of Zoombombing. As alternatives, we recommend Google Meet, email, or phone calls to connect with families.