New YouTube Channel Now Hosting SFUSD Videos

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As a result of recent changes to YouTube’s privacy settings, YouTube removed the SFUnified YouTube channel and SFUSD has not yet found a way to get YouTube's support with recovering the content hosted on the SFUSD channel.  

SFUSD is now making video content available through an alternate YouTube channel called SFUSD Video Depot. This YouTube channel is now operating as the main host for SFUSD videos. 

If you are seeking SFUSD-created videos and content that was hosted on the SFUnified YouTube channel, please consider these steps: 

  • If the content relates to a regularly scheduled SF Board of Education (BOE) meeting, please go to SFGovTV to check meeting archives. SFUSD pays SFGovTV to record SF BOE meetings. 
  • If the content was created by SFUSD, when there is an available archive of the content, SFUSD is working to make it available at SFUSD Video Depot

We appreciate your patience and understanding.