New look & feel for Gmail - coming soon!

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Gmail is getting a fresh new look! Starting on February 8th, 2022, a new layout for Gmail will begin to roll out, with a better organization for emails, messages, and Meet. You may be prompted in the bottom right corner of Gmail to try the new Gmail view, and although you can opt out of the new layout for now by dismissing the prompt, Google will automatically switch everyone over to the new integrated view at some point in April. 

New Google Interface 2022

Some benefits of Gmail’s new layout:

  • Easier to switch between your inbox, important conversations, and virtual meetings, without having to open a new window
  • Notification bubbles will help you stay on top of things that need your attention
  • See a list of all chats and spaces at the same time
  • See more of your labels at the same time in your inbox
  • Email and chat results will show up when using the search bar