School Menus and Harvest of the Month!

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March welcomes Avocados as the new Harvest of the Month here in California! Some avocado highlights on the menu this month:

  • Revolution Foods menu: Guacamole served on the side of the soyrizo burrito and the turkey cheddar flatbread sandwich
  • Refresh menu: Guacamole in the hand-rolled burritos, and on the side of the quesadilla
  • Learn which menu is served at your school at, under “Lunch”.

Go to to view, translate, or print the menu for your school! The new online menu platform has a customizable view, is printer-friendly and simple to translate from your internet browser.

  • Online menus are posted 1 week in advance. This process helps better align what is being served in the cafeteria with what is listed on the menu, making the menu more responsive to current supply chain challenges.
  • Look at last week’s menu, and you can predict next week’s! For consistency, yet still offering a nice variety for students, school menus follow a 2-week cycle.
  • Printed monthly menus will continue to be posted in the cafeteria and/or school office.

You can continue to access menu information at, including how to translate from your internet browser.