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Testing is an important strategy to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in our schools. SFUSD is providing free COVID testing with Color for SFUSD students and staff.  

In order to streamline access to testing for their SFUSD students, families are strongly encouraged to set up an account for their child today. 

Students 14 years and older can create their own accounts. Students and staff must be registered for a Color self-swab testing account to access the self-swab testing service available at every SFUSD school site.

Watch videos with multilingual subtitles to learn how to register for a Color self-swab testing account and activate your self-swab test kit: 

1) Watch video(s): 

Account creation if you are 14+

Account creation if you are a parent of a student 2-13

Kit activation for your yourself (14+)

Kit activation if you are a parent of a student 2-13

2) Click on "Settings" in the lower right hand corner and select "Subtitles/CC (7)": 

YouTube settings to select language


3) Select the language for subtitles:

Choosing language for subtitles

Here are some other resources! 

  1. Review the flier with multilingual options
  2. Call Color at (844) 531-0545 to get live support over the phone
  3. Visit one of SFUSD's on-site testing locations to get in-person assistance

Steps To Create A Color Account: 

  1. Ask your school site/office for you child’s Student No (student number) 
    1. You can also find it on ParentVUE 
  2. Register with the Color (  (First Time Only) using the Student No 
  3. Use COLOR Kit as directed