Transit Driver Appreciation Day

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March 18th is Transit Driver Appreciation Day. The hard-working folks of Muni get the SFUSD community safely to and from schools, after school programs, work, and beyond! 

Muni requires that service keeps to a tight timetable and that operators and customer-facing staff give directions and answer questions. On top of this, Muni operators also safely maneuver jumbo-sized vehicles through unpredictable city traffic and some tight spaces on difficult terrain. They are deserving of recognition and our gratitude.

Showing gratitude can be as simple as offering a simple thank you and smile, or a socially distant wave. Join San Franciscans on March 18 in posting your messages using the hashtag #TDAD, #TWAD or #ILoveMyMuniDriver. 

You can also submit an official commendation online using Muni Feedback. Please provide as many details about your experience as you can including the date, time, route, location and vehicle number so that we can identify the specific operator and ensure that they receive their kudos.