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The Arts Department is proud to present the Arts Equity Committee web page.  Please feel free to share with your community. 

We are looking for community feedback regarding what our families and our students feel about their Arts Education.

We are striving to create an arts department that is more inclusive and free of bias, in which all families feel celebrated, empowered, and supported. 

Please follow the links below to fill out our surveys/feedback forms. 

The Arts Equity Committee prioritizes traditionally under-served communities by directing the majority of available resources towards those who need it most.  It provides ongoing and equitable opportunities for the community to give direct input and feedback on Arts Education and Programs and outwardly supports and promotes social justice.   

Furthermore, they will be working towards meeting the following goals: 

  • Ensuring access to (high quality - alt: equitable, multi-cultural) arts classes for ALL students
  • Providing multicultural curriculum, materials, and resources for ALL students (and teachers).
  • Providing all necessary art tools/supplies/resources for those who need it most.
  • Providing on-going, in-depth, anti-racist, social justice, and mutli-cultural training for all employees.
  • Working with communities and partner organizations to help create more opportunities for those in need.
  • Empowering our young artists to create original works of art as a powerful voice for self expression and promoting social/societal change. 
  • Actively working to improve employment opportunities for members of groups that have been subjected to discrimination.
  • Providing art classes throughout elementary school with support for students to further explore the arts in middle school, and encourages arts specialization in high school.
  • Providing teacher learning opportunities and supports to diversify curriculum and teaching strategies, inspiring learning environments/exceptional learning experiences.
  • Creating an environment that supports existing SFUSD restorative practices.

If you would like to be part  of the committee for next year, please contact Adam Coopersmith to express your interest.