Issue with online SchoolCafe menus affecting some schools

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Due to a software communication issue, some school’s online menus are not properly published for public view at this time. Student Nutrition Services is aware and working with our partners to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This does not affect meals being ordered or served to students. All SFUSD meals will continue to follow our strict nutritional, culinary and wellness guidelines to ensure students are well nourished at school.

Tip! School menus follow a 2-week cycle, to balance consistency and a variety for students. That means for this week's menu, you can look at 2 weeks ago; and look at last week's menu to predict next week's menu.

Printed monthly menus are available in cafeterias and/or school offices for your or your child’s reference. Please note that the monthly menus are subject to change, since they are created ahead of time.

Thank you for your patience & understanding. We apologize for this inconvenience.