Get your Child Tax Credit and stimulus payments from the IRS

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Have no/low income, never applied for taxes/ not applied in recent years, or have a child who might not be in the IRS records? Learn more about the federal money you could get: 

Apply even if you have no income or low income and have not filed a 2021 tax return.

What could I get?

  • Up to $3,600 per child with the 2021 Child Tax Credit
  • Any missed COVID Stimulus Payments for you and your children/dependents - up to $1,400 per person

Am I eligible?

You can get this money for children you are related to and caring for, even if you have never filed taxes or have not filed in the last few years, and even if you had little or no earned income. This is money for 2021, and more people are eligible to get it than in other years.

How do I get this money? 

Generally, if you are a head of household with an income below $18,800 or filing jointly as a married couple
with an income below $25,100, you can file now at: .

If you make above these amounts or may be eligible for additional money through full filing, you will be redirected to If you already filed a tax return and didn’t get your money, you can get help with other steps.

Does this money count as income for benefits I get?

This money does not count as income for most benefits, like SNAP, WIC, TANF, MEDICAID, CHIP, SSI and most types of public and subsidized housing. You can get the tax payments and still get these benefits.

What if I am an immigrant? 

Even if you do NOT have a Social Security Number, you can get payments for your children who have Social Security Numbers. Under current law, receiving the Child Tax Credit or other tax credits will not affect your immigration status, ability to get a Green Card, or future immigration plans.