School Meal Policy on Second Meals and Pre-K Snacks

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The new California Meals for All program grants SFUSD’s Student Nutrition Services (SNS) to serve Breakfast and Lunch for free to all students at all schools. Students are encouraged to take the complete meal, to receive the most food possible. Each meal offers an entree containing healthy proteins and grains, as well as fresh fruit and vegetable options, and optional milk.

  • Take up to 2 fruits with Breakfast. Students can save any fruit they don't eat to snack on later.
  • At Lunch, Middle and High School students can take up to 2 fruits and up to 2 vegetables for extra fuel!
  • Supper is a 3rd complete meal offered at qualifying schools. See a list of participating schools at

What if a student is still hungry?

Under State and Federal policy, SNS is only allowed to serve 1 Breakfast and 1 Lunch per student. There is not program funding to offer multiple meals. A second meal is only available at the end of the meal period, once all students have had the opportunity to receive their first meal. This is typically the last 10 minutes of the meal period. If any meals are still available, students who want a second meal can return to the service line and ask for a second meal.

What about snacks?

This year, snacks are provided to Pre-K students (only). Last year, federal waivers existed as a response to the COVID-19 Pandemic which allowed SNS to serve additional snacks at elementary (in-classroom) and secondary schools. These waivers expired on June 30, 2022.  SNS strongly advocated that the federal government extend the waivers, but unfortunately this did not happen.

Learn more about current meal programs at

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