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If you are interested in taking the SAT, you can do so at our designated central location, which is Lowell High School this year. Spring dates will be added the week of Nov. 7. The Lowell testing site is open to the public, so we cannot reserve slots for SFUSD students. Because of this, you should register as soon as possible. Registration is managed directly by College Board at

Note: Many major college systems have taken steps to remove the SAT and ACT as an admission requirement, in particular the CSU and UC systems. Many private colleges and universities have also followed suit.

Advanced Placement (AP) Tests

SFUSD students will have access to take any AP exam being offered at an SFUSD high school, even if their own school does not administer it. Students may take AP exams regardless of whether they took the AP course.


There are no more PSATs scheduled for the 2022-23 school year, since the College Board timeline has passed.  


Go to your counselor if you have any questions or to get additional support.

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