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Exhibition showing through December 30, 2022. 

Group Visiting Hours:

Friday, 12pm to 2:30 pm or by appointment 


2140 Bush Street, Suite 1, (between Fillmore and Webster Streets) San Francisco 

Think Round Fine Arts (TRFA) cordially invites students and teachers to attend The Paradise Project, Part 4, an exhibition of paintings by Heidi Hardin and numerous other SF fine artists.

The Paradise Project is an interactive, multimedia art installation within a labyrinth of 80 portraits of families from around the world, presented with touching objects, small artworks, plants, original music, and spoken word soundtracks heard over headsets. All aspects of Paradise have been created especially for children, youth, families, and educators.

In the heart of the Fillmore, Paradise is within walking distance from many school campuses.

Students can enjoy a guided tour through Paradise and participate in an art making activity guided by fine artist Heidi Hardin: how to draw or paint (and frame) your favorite family member(s). Just bring a family photo you love or bring your fondest family memories and allow the power of your immagination to begin its magic. Suitable for students of any age.

Experience Paradise’s multi-generational family portraits that portray rites of passage, roles within the family structure, bonding moments, and the creation of recorded family memories. The artworks are both unique to each family and utterly relatable in their universal nature.

The Paradise Project is a visual presentation of the unifying family themes that tie us together in the human family, while representing multiple cultures, customs, traditions, and beliefs.

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