SFUSD’s Student and Family Handbook - translations available!

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SFUSD’s updated Student & Family Handbook is available online at sfusd.edu/handbook in English, Arabic, Chinese, Samoan, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese! All languages are available to read online or you can download a PDF version. 

The main purpose of the Handbook is to comply with federal & state regulations, Education Code and SFUSD Board of Education policies that require formal notification to families of certain rights and responsibilities.   While certain language is required by those regulations, we have worked to make the Handbook as accessible as possible, less punitive in its approach, and focused on supporting students and families to navigate SFUSD.   

The Student & Family Handbook is a resource for all SFUSD stakeholders, to support students and families to understand the rights they have in the district.  Please refer to the Handbook as needed.

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