47th Annual SFDS Children’s Dental Health Poster Contest: Submit Your Artwork before March 31

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Grade Level
Elementary School
K-8 School

Each year, the San Francisco Dental Society (SFDS) holds its Annual Children’s Dental Health Poster Contest.

This long-standing tradition gives students between kindergarten and 5th grade the opportunity to submit their artwork showcasing their creativity, artistic talent, and knowledge of dental health.

The theme for the 2023 poster contest is “Brush and Floss for a Healthy San Francisco Smile”. As always, there are prizes for the winning students, teachers, and principals.

Please remember that contest rules and instructions should be followed exactly to avoid disqualification.

Instructions and submission information can be found on the linked flier. 

Entries are due by March 31.


If you have any questions about the contest process, please feel free to email Deborah (exec@sfds.org) or Isabella (membership@sfds.org) with the San Francisco Dental Society or call 415-928-7337. 

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