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Join our after school program today! 

For K-8 graders! 

Activities include: 

  • Academic support
  • Cooking classes
  • Science experiments 
  • Art activities 
  • Field Trips & More 

Receive gifts worth $200 for participation! 

Learn more: ihdcsf.org

Enroll today

About Tenderloin Achievement Group (TAG)

With support from the Department of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF), Tenderloin Achievement Group (TAG) offers year-round summer and after school programs free of charge for neighborhood youth entering kindergarten through 8th grade. 

TAG's mission is to ensure that all children and their families have access to a safe, supportive, and dynamic learning environment facilitated by caring and qualified staff that can breathe excitement into learning, spark creativity, and create a culture of high achieving learners. Centered around these goals, TAG's program design is grounded in project-based learning, building community and empowering our youth. 

SFUSD neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity described in this announcement. This distribution is provided as a community service.

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