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Sent Oct. 3, 2023

Dear Community,

At SFUSD, each and every employee is invested in our students’ limitless potential. Our collective responsibility is to provide them with the best learning conditions so that they can thrive. We take this responsibility very seriously. That is why we have set ambitious goals for student success while honoring our community’s values. 

Achieving these goals starts with our talented educators and staff, who are critical partners in this effort. To this end, SFUSD has proposed a historic contract package during the Oct. 2 negotiations with the United Educators of San Francisco (UESF). Our latest proposal to UESF provides:

  • Every SFUSD teacher a $10,000 ongoing raise for the 2023-24 school year, which means that new teachers will immediately receive more than a 15% increase.  
  • Every SFUSD paraeducator a $30 per hour minimum rate or 5% increase, whichever is greater for the 2023-24 school year. 
  • Every SFUSD teacher and paraeducator an additional 4% one-time salary increase for 2024-25 school year. This may be converted to an ongoing salary increase if certain conditions regarding the District’s budget and fiscal status are met.  

If UESF accepts these proposals, I believe that this is a major step for SFUSD to attract and retain qualified educators who are dedicated to our students and their success.

My administration is working hard to strengthen the district’s financial position amid a challenging fiscal environment without compromising our aspirations. We are reimagining educational strategies to more effectively deliver instructional supports, and considering staffing models at schools to successfully serve our diverse students. SFUSD’s budget remains under the supervision of the California Department of Education, and we must continue to address deficit spending and meet our financial obligations. We are using one-time funds to afford our labor proposals this year, and are aligning our multi-year budget to cover the expenditures in future years. 

Schools and districts across the country are facing many challenges, and SFUSD is not immune to those challenges. As leaders, we must balance our continued commitment to providing our employees with competitive compensation– which includes a variety of benefits and retirement contributions– with our mandate to responsibly steward taxpayer dollars. The fiscal health of the district is vital to our mission of serving students; our decisions are based on what will best support students' learning and well-being. 

Our schools offer essential services, especially for students who are furthest from access. As a district, we will prioritize the continuity of these critical services at all times. We are committed to transparency and fairness and will continue to negotiate in good faith. Please visit our webpage for up-to-date information on labor negotiations. I will be providing ongoing updates in the coming weeks.

I remain hopeful that we will reach an agreement with our labor partners. I deeply value every SFUSD employee and am grateful for the ways that they show up for San Francisco students and families every day.  We are united by our deep and abiding commitment to our students as we navigate the path ahead. Thank you for your continued partnership. 


Dr. Matt Wayne

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