Enjoy a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!

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Welcome Winter, Making Holiday Celebrations Fun & Nutritious!

 As you begin to have winter holiday and end of semester celebrations, please keep the Wellness Policy top of mind. Celebrations can be fun and nutritious!

  • Please use this Winter Holiday Celebration Guide to plan your fun party that is in line with SFUSD’s Wellness Policy guidelines.
  • Please schedule all celebrations after lunch time, so students can still enjoy a nutritious lunch before the party! 
    • Dining staff order meal quantities far in advance, so any meal time celebrations lead to excess food waste. Please help us keep food waste down!
  • Ensure any food offered at the celebration meets SFUSD’s Nutrition Guidelines (focus on offering fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, lean proteins, or whole grain items). 
  • You can also opt for festive activities in place of celebrating with treats. 

Together, we can create a healthy school environment all year long!

More information and resources at sfusd.edu/bewell.

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