Monthly Truancy Letter Postings & Attendance corrections

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Please help your student’s school maintain accurate attendance records by following this guidance:

  • Review student attendance in ParentVUE
  • Contact your school attendance clerk or main office secretary if you find any errors.
  • If you cannot reach the secretary by telephone, other methods that families may use to contact schools to correct inaccurate attendance include email, written note, or school-specific form (if available).
  • If there are absences that should be excused include the below information in communication to the school:
    • Student name (and ID if you know it) 
    • Grade Level
    • Advisory teacher (if known)
    • Dates and reasons for absences (Valid Excuse Reasons
    • If providing a written note, turn it in to the secretary in the main office.

Contact the Student Family School Resource Link Line (Family Link Line) if you need additional support after you have contacted your school.

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