Paraeducator Leadership Network


The Paraeducator Leadership Network (PLN) is a leadership pathway designed collaboratively by paraeducators for paraeducators. As participants in the program, paraeducators:

  • Attend a leadership professional learning community (PLC) once monthly in order to build capacity to lead at their sites and at the district level

    • During the 22-23 SY this PLC will be held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 5pm to 7pm and will be a hybrid of virtual and in-person

  • Design and lead a PLC and recruit people to attend

  • Maintain agendas and sign-in sheets for the attendees of their project or PLC

  • Prepare for and attend the Professional Learning and Leadership Team (PLL) End of Year Celebration in May

  • Honor the program norms and SFUSD core values (Student-Centered, Fearless, United, Social Justice and Diversity Driven). 

Support and Compensation

  • PLN members are assigned a para coach that supports them through the program

  • PLN members receive a stipend of $2100 for program participation


Applicants to the PLN must have at least 3 years of experience as a paraeducator in SFUSD, a positive outlook on the professionalism of paraeducators, knowledge of Google applications (or a willingness to learn), and a desire to lead by designing and facilitating a PLC in an area of expertise or interest (with support!).


APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 22, 2022 (by midnight)

1) Complete the online PLN Application

  • Section 2 asks four long answer questions. Please be sure to provide detailed examples and anecdotes where possible while you answer the questions in Section 2. We recommend each response be at least 100 words and should fully answer all aspects of the question.

2) Have a peer complete the online Peer Recommendation.

3) Have a person in a supervisory role (does not need to be your evaluator) submit the online Supervisor Recommendation.

For those applicants who pass Phase 1, you will be asked to schedule an observation and interview.

Thank you! We look forward to receiving your application.


For more information, contact:

Janet Eberhardt, Paraeducator on Special Assignment, at

Sean Nunley-Willis, Paraeducator on Special Assignment, at

Jennifer “JLo” Lopez, Paraeducator on Special Assignment, at

Nora Houseman, Supervisor, at

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