ILMs: Independent Learning Modules

Independent Learning Modules

ILM stands for Independent Learning Modules. You will complete this asynchronous learning on your own time at your own pace.

We employ this modality of professional learning for essential content that school and central leaders need to know and refer back to.

All ILMs must be completed by Friday, September 6, 2024. 

If you have any challenges in joining your ILM classroom to complete these modules, please email Allison Rothman at

Join Your ILMs

Access these Google Classrooms using your SFUSD log in credentials.

Google Classroom Guidance

How to Join your ILM Classroom

1. Select Site Leader or Central Office Leader link above

2. Click on Join Class

Google Classroom - Join Class
How to find information in your ILM Classroom

1. Classroom has several tabs above the Classroom banner:

Image of Google Classroom Banner and circled tabs above

Stream: When you join the Classroom you will enter the Stream. Welcome message and updates from the ILM Team are posted here.

Classwork: This tab contains all required ILM materials and the assessment. This section is grouped by Topics.

Image of Google Classroom Topic dropdown menu from the Classwork tab

People: View "Teachers"/ILM Team and "Classmates"/Admin Colleagues

2. All required ILM materials are in the Classwork section. Engage with all materials in each topic.

Google Classroom - Classwork

3. Complete ILM Assessment in topic 04 Assessment by September 6, 2024

4. Return to this Classroom throughout the year to access this essential information. Use the Topic dropdown menu to find materials more efficiently. Contact information is provided for all ILM materials if you need department-specific support. 

5. Additional materials will be posted to the ILM Classroom mid year.

This page was last updated on May 17, 2024