Members of Our Paraeducator Leadership Network

Member Bios


Cassidy Hall has worked as an S10 Paraprofessional at George Peabody Elementary School for the past 6 years. This is his first year in the PLN, and he is excited to have the opportunity to share his knowledge and provide support for other paras around the district. He believes paraeducators are integral for promoting the safety and well-being of the students. He tries to be a force for change by being a proactive, respectful, and knowledgeable educator that the staff at his school can trust and rely on. He believes that certificated staff should view paraeducators as important members of the school’s community because when paras feel connected to their school, that’s when they feel purposeful and best perform. He always does his best to make sure each student in his classroom feels safe and comfortable, and he believes a key aspect of being a successful educator involves willingly adjusting your teaching style to match what’s best for every student’s learning style.


I am Ericca Chavez, a Queer Educator who grew up in the Central Valley with strong roots. I moved to San Francisco in 2015 and I have over 10 years experience within Education–in particular within intensive program settings that support our students with building their social and emotional coping tool box as they navigate this carceral and capitalist world. I am a 2nd year PLN Leader and currently the Site Support Paraprofessional at Leonard Flynn in the Mission. I am an abolitionist and always a learner at heart willing to reciprocate all that I learn in the form of teaching and sharing space with colleagues, families, and students.


My name is Heriberto Castellanos and I am in my first year as a proud member of the Paraeducator Leadership Network (PLN). I have worked as a Family Liaison and Student Advisor at Alvarado Elementary School over the past five years. I am looking forward to collaborating and building authentic relationships with like-minded educators that prioritize students’ voices and needs at the forefront of every conversation. Prior to joining SFUSD, I successfully invigorated an afterschool program at a Middle School in Hayward as an Operations Supervisor. I was born and raised in the great city of Los Angeles and I proudly represent them in the bay area. I transferred to CSU East Bay and graduated with a B.A. in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Chicanx and Latinx Studies, Black Studies and Genders and Sexualities in Communities of Color. I have aspirations to expand my learning in a credentialed, graduate program in the very near future.



Iman Robinson-Harris currently works at Presidio EES as a C10 paraeducator.  He has been in the district for 17 years.  He enjoys working with the students and families. He was born and raised in Oakland, but Instead of going to schools in Oakland,  attended all years in SFUSD. Sports was a big part of his life growing up, playing basketball, baseball, football and track. Upon graduating high school with plenty of awards and achievements involving sports, Iman graduated from Phillip Burton and immediately started working for the school district.. He is also active in his local union and state unions. He serves on the  UESF/ EBOARD team as one of the Early Education Rep. Iman successfully completed the emerging leaders (ESP) leadership training with California Teachers Association. It is exciting to be a part of the Paraeducator Leadership Network.


Janet Eberhardt is a dedicated paraeducator working with SFUSD Curriculum and Instruction department. She currently works as a Paraeducator on Special Assignment (P80) with the PLLT/ Professional Learning and Leadership Team. In this position her focus is on coaching members of the Paraeducator Leadership Network to develop and provide meaningful and relevant PD for all paraeducators.  She has been in the district for 37 years and has always been inspired by the many colleagues and families she has worked with at various different schools, mostly elementary.  For 30 + years she valued her role as a Community Relations Specialist/Elementary Advisor working as a child and family advocate.  She started in this unique paraprofessional position from the inception of its creation in 1986.  She shares with others the value of this position and its great impact it plays in the positive outcome of students, families and communities of San Francisco.  As an Elementary Advisor she has worked to address the needs of the whole student which encompasses the family and community.   It is her passion to continue to be an advocate for students, families and peers while in her current role.


Jennifer “JLo” Lopez joins us in serving as a coach for the Para Leadership Network (PLN) and a participant with the New Coach Network (NCN).  Born and raised in San Francisco, JLó is a graduate of SFUSD K-12, CCSF and SFSU  with a BA in Latino Studies with a focus in Behavioral and Social Science. Working in education for the past 10 years JLó has served the community as a S10 Para Educator in the classroom with students and a N34 Site Nutrition Coordinator out of School Health Programs serving various school sites. Completing the 4 years of the PLN has fostered JLó’s  skills to plan, organize and facilitate professional developments for her peers throughout the district.



Jessica Camarillo is a second year PLN member. She has worked in the school district for 5 years. She attended SFUSD from K-12th and is passionate about working with students in San Francisco. She graduated from SF State with a BS in Health Education with an emphasis on Community Based Public Health.  Jessica started in the district as an S10i paraeducator working at different school sites and over the years has shifted to supporting students as a Registered Behavior Technician. This year she plans on sharing a PD on her knowledge around student behaviors and paraeducator responses to those behaviors. After the PLN, she hopes to further her education by getting her Masters degree.


May Baltodano is a proud native of San Francisco, graduate of SFUSD and CCSF. In 2016 May joined SFUSD as a T10 at Aptos Middle School as well as the Beacon Afterschool program. May is dedicated to the community she serves; she has joined the PLN and will be presenting her first PD on Integrating Positive Affirmations at school sites.  May’s goal is to create a PD that would allow students the space to understand the importance of self-advocacy, know and utilize resources and understand and exhibit self-alignment.


Nataly Terrazas is a Family Liaison at Dolores Huerta Elementary School. In 2014 she volunteered at Dolores Huerta in her daughter’s classroom, Nataly was offered a job as a Noon Monitor in 2015.  She was a noon monitor for 4 years, and a temporary student advisor on and off from 2015 to 2018. When the 2018/2019 School year began Nataly became the official Family Liaison. She has been with SFUSD for a total of 7 years. Her mother and daughters inspired her to further her education because she wanted to understand them and support families with similar experiences. This is Nataly’s first year in the PLN and is super excited to grow.


Nora Houseman grew up in Washington DC, attending (tracked and segregated) public schools there and leaving high school determined to further equity and justice in public schooling. She taught middle school (all subjects; math through social justice) for nine years in Oakland, San Lorenzo, and San Francisco, then served as the school leader (principal) for four years at San Francisco Community School. SFC - a racially diverse, K-8, project-based school with democratic leadership structures - allowed Nora to grow deeply in her practice and leadership, working collectively to interrogate and interrupt inequitable structures and practices, and seeking to create transformative ways of “doing school” and building and strengthening community with SFC’s students, adults and families. This is now Nora’s fifth year serving as Supervisor in SFUSD’s Department of Professional Growth & Development leading the Professional Learning and Leadership Team, designing and supporting various professional development programs and initiatives, including the Teacher Leader Fellowship, the ParaEducator Leadership Network, the Project Based Learning Support Team, the Lesson Study Project, the Leading for Equity PLCs,  and PD Hours for Educators. These programs focus on educator-led, grassroots, professional learning and leadership, supporting SFUSD educators at all stages of their career to design, deliver and/or experience high quality, equity-centered professional development - in order to grow and enhance their practice and their leadership - so that we transform student outcomes and student experience in SFUSD schools.