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Janet Eberhardt, Paraeducator Leadership Network Coach
Paraeducator Leadership Network Coach

Janet Eberhardt (PSA): 

Janet is a dedicated paraeducator working as a Paraeducator on Special Assignment (P80) with the PLL/ Professional Learning and Leadership Team. In this position, her focus is on coaching members of the Paraeducator Leadership Network to support their growth towards enhancing leadership skills and helping develop meaningful and relevant PD for all paraeducators.  She has been in the district for 37 years and previously worked as an Elementary Advisor for 30 years, where she valued her role as a Community Relations Specialist/Elementary Advisor. serving as a child and family advocate addressing the needs of the whole student, which encompasses the family and community.   It is her passion to continue to be an advocate for students, families, and peers while in her current role.

Sean Nunley-Willis, Paraeducator Leadership Network Coach
Paraeducator Leadership Network Coach

Sean Nunley-Willis (PSA):

Sean, a former member of the network turned coach, has been working with youth, their families, and their communities for the past 15 years. Sean has experience in elementary and middle schools, although he has a real passion for middle school students. He loves to support their social-emotional growth. He believes that students need trusted adults who build authentic relationships during these critical years of their lives. This led Sean to work with his peers to create more inclusive, equitable, & fun communities. As a coach, Sean wants to encourage paras to continue to learn, grow and challenge themselves and their practice and pedagogy.

Jennifer Lopez, Paraeducator Leadership Network Coach
Paraeducator Leadership Network Coach

Jennifer JLó López (PSA)

JLó joins us in serving as a coach for the Para Leadership Network (PLN). Born and raised in San Francisco, JLó is a graduate of SFUSD K-12, CCSF, and SFSU. Working in education for the past 10 years, JLó has served the community as an S10 Para Educator in the classroom with students and an N34 Site Nutrition Coordinator out of School Health Programs serving various school sites. Completing the 4 years of the PLN has fostered JLó’s skills to plan, organize and facilitate professional development for her peers throughout the district.

Nora Houseman, PLL Supervisor
Supervisor, Professional Learning & Leadership

Nora Houseman, PLL Supervisor

Nora Houseman grew up in Washington, DC, attending (tracked and segregated) public schools there and leaving high school determined to further equity and justice in public schooling. She taught middle school (all subjects; math through social justice) for nine years in Oakland, San Lorenzo, and San Francisco, then served as the school leader (principal) for four years at San Francisco Community School. SFC - a racially diverse, K-8, project-based school with democratic leadership structures - allowed Nora to grow deeply in her practice and leadership, working collectively to interrogate and interrupt inequitable structures and practices and seeking to create transformative ways of “doing school” and building and strengthening community with SFC’s students, adults, and families. This is now Nora’s 7th year serving as Supervisor in SFUSD’s Department of Professional Growth & Development, leading the Professional Learning and Leadership Team, designing and supporting various professional development programs and initiatives, including the Teacher Leader Fellowship, the ParaEducator Leadership Network, and other paraeducator learning initiatives, Deeper Learning and Project Based Learning, the Lesson Study Project, Leading for Equity PLCs, and PD Hours for Educators. These programs focus on educator-led, grassroots, professional learning and leadership, supporting SFUSD educators at all stages of their careers to design, deliver and/or experience high-quality, equity-centered professional development - to grow and enhance their practice and their leadership - so that we transform student outcomes and student experience in SFUSD schools.


Ericca Chavez
Ericca Chavez, 3rd year

Ericca Chavez (R39)

Born and raised in Bakersfield, California, Ericca began their education career with Bakersfield City School District for 5 years before joining SFUSD.  Within the 7 years Ericca has been with SFUSD, she has held the position of a Soar Para S10Q, then into the position as the site support Para, working closely with the PBIS team both at Leonard Flynn. Ericca is a certified Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) at McAuley CEEP.  As an Advanced 3rd-year member of the PLN, Ericca will join other PLN members offering virtual support space each month for paras to meet in facilitated, role-alike groups to receive support and build community. ALL paras (Special Education N and S paras, Early Education C and A paras, R-series paras, T10 Security Aides, and Instructional Aides). In Ericca's previous years on the PLN, they led a book club on We Want to do More than Survive Abolitionist Teaching and Pursuit of Educational Freedom by Dr. Bettina Love and Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown. Ericca’s biggest inspiration is the youth, and is currently evaluating options for future teaching pathways as they were recently accepted to the Para to Teacher Program.

Shihchia (Annie) Cheng
Shihchia (Annie) Cheng, 3rd year

Shihchia (Annie) Cheng (S10Q) 

Shihchia Cheng, who everyone calls Annie is in her 6th year with SFUSD at McAuley CEEP as a Paraeducator within the Soar Program (S10Q).   As a 3rd-year Advanced Leader, Annie will join other PLN Advanced Leaders, offering virtual support space each month for paras to meet in facilitated, role-alike groups to receive support and build community. ALL paras (Special Education N and S paras, Early Education C and A paras, R-series paras, T10 Security Aides, and Instructional Aides).  Attending the monthly PLN Professional Learning Communities is great. I learn so much from the leaders.  This has inspired me to improve and become a better educator.  After my time with the PLN, I would like to continue to work with other educators in the district to continue providing professional development, webinars, and annual conferences.

Jose Guevara
Jose Guevara, 3rd year

Jose Guevara (R50S)

My name is Jose Guevara. I have been with SFUSD for the past 10 years. I started out as a Security Aide, and currently, I am a Student Advisor at Everett MS. I work in various spaces to support our students and families, such as the School Site Council, Family Engagement Team, and coaching sports teams, to name a few. As a San Francisco native, my community has always been present for me as a youth and youth worker.  If it weren't for certain SFUSD staff guiding me within this system, I would not be where I am today; this has inspired me today to empower the next generation of leaders in our communities. It really does take a village. As a 3rd year advanced leader in the PLN, I will support a monthly space for our classified staff that is essential to our work with our students.  While In the PLN, I have conducted PDs to enrich and strengthen the Classified Para community here at Everett MS., such as self-care, de-escalation strategies, and navigating relationships in the classroom. After the PLN, I hope to continue to help advocate for all classified members in SFUSD, specifically fighting for the contract we deserve.

Yvette Nelson Hernandez
Yvette Nelson Hernandez, 3rd year

Yvette Nelson Hernandez (S10F)

Yvette Nelson Hernandez has been a Paraprofessional with SFUSD for the past 14 years, all 14 years working at James Denman MS in a mod/severe SDC classroom. Yvette is bilingual in Spanish and English and collaborates with teachers on ideas for the students and for various art projects. growing up in a group home with children that had a variety of disabilities is where she gets her patience from. As a 3rd year  PLN member Yvette has loved providing help for her fellow Paras on how to use the different programs our students use. Yvette has done several PD’s on Google Docs, Google Slides, SFempower, and data collecting.

Maylina Baltodano
Maylina Baltodano, 2nd year

Maylina Baltodano (T10)

Maylina is a Safety Support Aid (T10) and has been with SFUSD for 7 years at Aptos MS. Maylina is one of if not the first faces the students see when they arrive at school in the morning, as well as some of the families. This motivated Maylina to develop a PD in her first year titled Integrating Positive Affirmations at your School Site. In her second year with the PLN, Maylina is developing a PD, Engaging with students using the 5 Charasticits of Behavior.  Maylina is inspired daily by the students who walk through the school doors each day.  After the PLN, Maylina hopes to continue to provide support to Paraeducators.

Heriberto Castellanos
Heriberto Castellanos, 2nd year

Heriberto Castellanos (R20)

My name is Heriberto Castellanos, and I am in my second year as a proud member of the Paraeducator Leadership Network (PLN). For six years, I have worked as a Family Liaison and Student Advisor at Alvarado Elementary School. I am looking forward to collaborating and building authentic relationships with like-minded educators that prioritize students’ voices and needs at the forefront of every conversation. Prior to joining SFUSD, I successfully invigorated an afterschool program at a Middle School in Hayward as an Operations Supervisor. I was born and raised in the great city of Los Angeles. I transferred to CSU East Bay and graduated with a B.A. in Ethnic Studies with a concentration in Chicanx and Latinx Studies and Genders and Sexualities in Communities of Color. I have aspirations to expand my learning in a credentialed graduate program in the very near future.

Cassidy Hall
Cassidy Hall, 2nd year

Cassidy Hall (S10)

Cassidy Hall has worked as an S10 Paraprofessional at George Peabody Elementary School for the past 7 years. This is his second year in the PLN, and he is excited to continue sharing his knowledge and providing support for other paras around the district. He believes paraeducators are integral for promoting the safety and well-being of the students and that they are an essential part of the school community. One thing that inspires him to further improve his leadership skills is being a proactive, respectful, and knowledgeable educator whom the staff at his school can trust and rely on. He always does his best to make sure each student in his classroom feels safe and comfortable, and he believes a key aspect of being a successful educator involves willingly adjusting your teaching style to match what’s best for every student’s learning style. So far, he has led three PDs: Student-Centered Learning, Fostering Growth Mindsets within Ourselves and Our Students and Promoting Positive Behaviors. He is currently applying to the Master of Social Work Child Welfare Program at San Francisco State University, and he plans on working as a social worker in foster care.

Yanira Curry
Yanira Curry, 1st year

Yanira Curry (R40)

My name is Yanira Curry, and this is my first year as a member of the Paraeducator Leadership Network (PLN). I am looking forward to this opportunity to learn alongside my fellow PLN members and mentors. I joined SFUSD 15 years ago as a Community Relations Specialist/Elementary Advisor at Guadalupe Elementary School in the Crocker Amazon neighborhood. My position allows me to be the glue that connects the students and their families to the school community.  I particularly enjoy promoting the different committees at school and the resources available within the community. Furthermore, as a previous SFUSD parent, I know the importance of parents' involvement in the success of their children's education.  My goal as a member of the Paraeducator Leadership Network is to expand my knowledge and grow in the areas that have been challenged so that I can share my experience with others in the district.

Janelle Johnson-Burke
Janelle Johnson-Burke, 1st year

Janelle Johnson-Burke (S10)

Janelle has been a paraeducator in SFUSD for the last 10 years.  9 of those years as a K-2 Special Education Paraeducator at Paul Revere Elementary School.  A first-year member of the Para Leadership Network. Janelle was born and raised in San Francisco and is a graduate of SFUSD K-12. Currently, Janelle is completing her first year as a member of the UBC Committee, the Equity Committee, and a facilitator for Racial Affinity Groups at her site. Janelle is excited to further her learning and use the skills she has gained to help support fellow paraeducators.

Nina Joyner
Nina Joyner, 1st year

Nina Joyner (S10)

My name is Nina Joyner,  I am an S10 Paraprofessional working with K - 2nd at George Peabody ES.  I am in my sixth year with the district. Three years prior, I began my career in education by working as a one-on-one (1:1) for an after-school program through the district. This program led me to the classroom where I am today.   My fellow educators have inspired me to further improve my leadership skills, constantly encouraging me to explore opportunities within the district to better benefit myself and others. This is my first year as a PLN participant, and I am developing professional development in Implementing Visual Learning To Best Support Students In Classrooms. After the PLN, I hope to apply all ideas, techniques, and advice to my daily work within the district with our students,  families,  and colleagues.

Gabriella Keller
Gabriella Keller, 1st year

Gabriella Keller (S10)

Gabriella is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a BA in Psychology along with a minor in African American History. Working as an S10 Para Educator for the past three years, the past two years at Abraham Lincoln High School, including in remote school sessions. Her 1st year at Charles Drew Elementary School in 1st and 3rd-grade classrooms. Gabriella has been influenced by fellow educators, including her mother and grandmother, who both taught in public NorCal middle schools, which inspired her to apply to become a para during college. This is Gabriella’s first year in the Para Leadership Network,  she has also been attending professional development that focuses on student creativity - especially digital art due to the global pandemic halting in-person learning. Gabriella is currently a research assistant for a psychology professor at San Francisco State University and wishes to continue furthering psychological research in the future. After the PLN, Gabriella is determined to create a positive school campus culture by becoming a school psychologist and creating conversations about students' mental health.

Yue Lam
Yue Lam, 1st year

Yue Lam (S10)

Yuenming Lam has been an inclusion para in The Academy - SF @ MacAteer  HS for the past 5 years. He supports students with Math and Physics in the classroom this year.  He has worked as a teacher in Hong Kong public schools for thirty-three years. He graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Education With a BEd focus in English Language Teaching. Yueming has served the SFUSD community as S10 and N10 in different school sites for 14 years. He is very excited to join the Paraeducator Leader Network (PLN) for the first year. He is a lifelong learner. Yueming believes that all humans want to learn and that learning is an essential ongoing process. He is willing to contribute what he has learned in the (PLN) as a student, family advocator, supporter, and peer facilitator at the school site.

Ariana Velasco
Ariana Velasco, 1st year

Ariana Velasco (R11)

Ariana Velasco is a Native of San Francisco and a graduate of International Studies Academy HS SFUSD and has served our SFUSD community for the past 15 years. Ariana started her journey in education as a Student Advisor at Fairmount Elementary, supporting students and families, then transferred to her current position as a Child Welfare Attendance Liaison (CWAL). As a CWAL, she was at Pupil Services, then Lead Department, and now resides at John Muir ES.  Ariana gets her inspiration from the community and the students that she serves. In her first year with the PLN, Ariana is developing a PD that will focus on Supporting New Commers.  Ariana is looking forward to continued learning and supporting her fellow Paraeduators in the district.

Kentara Walker
Kentara Walker, 1st year

Kentara Walker (S10)

I am a S10 paraprofessional. I am currently working at George Peabody Elementary school. Born and raised in the Bay Area. I am a former SFUSD  graduate k-12 and a graduate of CCSF and SFSU. I have been working in the district for almost four years.  I work in an SDC classroom with 11 students who are in 3rd - 5th grade. This is my first year in the  Para Leadership Network PLN program, and I’m excited to learn more about how we can gain the attention of other educators in our fields.


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