Time Reporting


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Time Reporting

Who must complete Time Reporting documentation?

Time reporting documentation is required for all employees whose salaries and wages are paid, in part or in full, from restricted federal or state categorical resources. These restricted resources include the entirety of the 2000—9999 range in the State’s Standardized Account Coding Structure (SACS). 

Employees required to complete Time Reporting can be categorized in one of two ways based upon how they are funded:

  1. Single-funded Employees: Employees whose salary and wages are paid 100% from a restricted federal or state categorical resource
  2. Multi-funded Employees: Employees whose salary and wages are paid from multiple resources, including at least one restricted federal or state categorical resource

Who determines which employees require Time Reporting documentation?

The State & Federal Programs Department will identify which employees at school sites and select central office departments require Time Reporting. SFP will coordinate documentation collection for those entities. 

Time Reporting Contact:

  • Juan Rodriguez, Program Administrator

Time Reporting Resources:

This page was last updated on June 21, 2024