PEEF Community Advisory Council

PEEF Community Advisory Council (PEEF CAC)

PEEF logoIn May 2011, the Board of Education adopted Resolution 115-10A3 which clarifies the support, responsibilities, and role of the Public Education Enrichment Fund Community Advisory Committee (PEEF CAC). In June 2019, the Board of Education adopted Resolution 194-9A1, thereby redefining the structure, function, and duties of the advisory committee.

The PEEF CAC serves as a conduit for informing as well as receiving input from SFUSD stakeholders (students, parents, staff, and other community members) in order to assist the Superintendent and the Board of Education to effectively allocate PEEF funding. 


  • Reviews PEEF program information and data
  • Advises the Board of Education and Superintendent
  • Contributes to PEEF communication and awareness

The PEEF CAC’s insights, feedback, and recommendations are prepared by the committee members for presentation to the Board and the Superintendent. The PEEF CAC’s recommendations are aligned to and support one or more of the District Goals in accordance with SFUSD’s Strategic Plan.

Upcoming Events

The Next PEEF CAC Meeting 

Date: April 24, 2024

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Format: In-Person Meeting

This PEEF CAC Monthly Meeting 

The meeting will be held at 727 Golden Gate Ave., S.F. 94102, using Room 13 (iLab) and Room 18.

(Please enter the building through the parking lot on McAllister Street) 

Roster for 2023-2024

Monthly CAC Meetings

Agendas & Minutes for 2023-2024
August 9, 2023AgendaMinutesMaterials for the Public
September 13, 2023AgendaMinutesMaterials for the Public
October 11, 2023AgendaMinutesMaterials for the Public
November 8, 2023AgendaMinutesMaterials for the Public
December 13, 2023AgendaMinutesMaterials for the Public
January 10, 2024 (Canceled)Agenda MinutesMaterials for the Public
February 14, 2024AgendaMinutesMaterials for the Public
March 13, 2024AgendaMinutesMaterials for the Public
April 3, 2024 (Canceled)AgendaMinutesMaterials for the Public
April 24, 2024AgendaMinutesMaterials for the Public
May 8, 2024AgendaMinutesMaterials for the Public
June 12, 2024AgendaMinutesMaterials for the Public

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