Digital Agency Resources for DLeaFs

Digital Agency Resources for DLeaFs

Maintaining the safety, security and well-being of SFUSD’s students is essential to our task of creating opportunities for effective teaching and learning for every student, every day. The learning we facilitate for students must also give them the tools to thrive in college and career, and also in interactions that are increasingly digital. While integrating technology in classrooms across SFUSD for new ways of learning, we have a responsibility to help students, staff, and families understand the implications of actions online.

Why teach digital agency? 

  • As our lives move further and more frequently into the digital realm, it is important that we help our students be safe and responsible online. Digital Agency guides people towards finding reliable information, maintaining a positive online culture, and making effective decisions.
  • As teachers begin to develop online content, considerations also need to be made around Cybersecurity and Student Data Privacy in order to maintain the safety of our students.

How can teachers teach digital agency? 

  • SFUSD has created Digital Agency guides by grade-level span to help teachers launch Digital Agency lessons relevant to distance learning in virtual environments. Teachers can use this comprehensive guide with ready-made materials for teachers and students to use to promote healthy, positive online interactions and behaviors. 
  • Common Sense’s Digital Dilemmas are a great way to frame some of the issues and concerns we want to discuss with our students.

Our collected bank of Family Connection Resources help support learning at home. Rationales, best practices, contracts, and tips can be found in multiple languages. 

*The information above is available as slides to assist DLeaFs in presenting this information to staff. 

Digital Agency Certification

In 2019, SFUSD became the first large urban school district to become certified in Digital Citizenship. Building on that success, we have set a goal for every school to become certified in Digital Citizenship through Common Sense Media. To become certified, a school needs to deliver three lessons from Common Sense Media's digital citizenship curriculum, and engage the broader community through at least one event or format. Once completing the requirements, schools can follow these instructions to become certified. 

DLeaF Designation

Don't yet have a Digital Learning Facilitator (DLeaF)? Principals can designate a DLeaF by filling out this Google Form


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