Digital Portfolios

Culturally Responsive Digital Portfolios at Adobe Max

SFUSD’s Digital Learning and Enablement team has been exploring how to create and sustain portfolios for your classroom practice by blending Zaretta Hammond’s Ready for Rigor framework with district approved multi-media making tools. A culturally responsive digital portfolio helps build independent learners. On this page learn about our partnerships and also the blended learning portfolio course currently being offered. For more information on building the SFUSD digital portfolio community contact Dr. Ricardo Elizalde at

Toward a Culturally Responsive Digital Portfolio PLC

 Digital Portfolios PLC

In this online blended learning course, participants explore and put into action the tools for creating a culturally responsive multimedia digital portfolio. They weave Adobe Spark tools with KQED Learn and learn how to create independent learners in their classroom. Browse the course resources below. We invite you to come and help build the digital portfolio community in SFUSD. For more information, contact Ricardo Elizalde at 

Session 4 Resources

crdp session 4


Session 4 Resources

Session 5 Resources

crdp session 5

Session 5 Resources

Extra Resources

Please find video tutorials for Adobe Spark geared toward the KQED Learn  Let's Talk About Election 2020 Media Challenge. These videos will help support your instruction of this media making tool. 



Quick Start Portfolio (QSP)

quick start portfolio

In the resources section, find the Quick Start Portfolio doc and slide deck.