Programs and Services

Migrant Education Program

The Migrant Education Program provides links to educational, supplemental instruction and social services to migrant students and their families.

Parent Workshops

Migrants parents are given a set of  six workshops which focus on parent engagement and parent development. These workshops aim to help parents gain the confidence to be their child's advocate. Through our developmental workshops we focus on helping parents understand and learn how to navigate the educational system in which their children are a part of.

Academic Intervention

Migrant Education Program is a supplemental service for all students who qualify as Migrant. Migrant supports students who are performing below grade level in ELA or Math and provides extra support to those students. Students are given intervention and support in order to help them perform at grade level.

Case Management

The Migrant Team works closely with families in connecting them with CBO’s and family resource centers. Collectively working with community partners families are connected to legal, mental, health, educational services.

High School Mentoring

Students are supported by Brenda Sandoval during their 4 year high school career. Migrant students are supported with their academics, attendance, high school transition and college preparation. Through their four years students are given the tools and resources in order to be successful in high school and postsecondary. Students participate in college tour visits, college night preparations and financial aid workshops.

PAC - Parent Development

What is the function of a Parent Advisory Council?

A PAC advises the local operating agency on concerns of migrant parents that relate to the planning, operation, and evaluation of MEP programs and projects in which their children participate. In particular, the LEA and local operating agency must consult with the PAC about:

  1. the comprehensive assessment of the needs of migratory children to be served
  2. the design of the comprehensive service delivery plan
  3. ensure full parental participation in MEP project planning, design, and implementation
  4. convene an annual meeting of parents, at which MEP Team explains projects
  5. provide opportunities for regular parent meetings to gather input

Pre-K Services

All PreK Migrant children who are not being served by any CBO’s or Head start will be served by the Migrant Education Team. A certified teacher provides home base services focused on academic support to the child. Parents are taught how to work and encourage their child’s academic development prior to entering Kinder.

This page was last updated on November 17, 2020