Mission Bay Hub...The Basics

Mission Bay Hub 101

The Main Idea

The Mission Bay Linked Learning Hub is an intensive 1-Year Advanced Bridge into Health, Biotechnology and other STEM-aligned fields, with Mission Bay serving as the ultimate classroom. 

Main Components

  • Student Inquiry, Advanced Research, and Real-World Application
  • Professional Training & Certifications
  • Paid Apprenticeship within STEM major
  • Personalized Supports and Coaching with Mission Bay professionals
  • Academic course credits (e.g. Science, ELA) using mastery grading
  • Explicit bridge to postsecondary study and employment

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Grade Levels

We envision 11th and 12th grade students participating in the full year Hub program as way to support their vision for college, career, and community after graduation. 

We are also exploring possibilities for:

  • Short term projects and experiences for 9th and 10th graders
  • Summer and after school opportunities for middle and high school students
  • Collaborative projects with our partners at the Mission Bay Elementary School


The Hub will include opportunities to earn credits in English and Science in the beginning.  Over time, we will also explore the potential for additional credit areas and for students to earn college credits.

Student Schedule

We envision students in the year-long program to attend every day for about 1/2 of their school day.  They would then take the remainder of their courses as their primary SFUSD high school.

This page was last updated on December 8, 2021