Physical and Required Athletic Forms


In order to be eligible to try out for a Giannini Athletic team, all students must have all of the following forms signed, completed, and turned into Mr. Cheng (Athletic Director) prior to the tryout dates.

  • Please turn in your physical packet and other paperwork directly to Mr. Cheng (Athletic Director) or by emailing him at 
  • Please keep a copy of the physical packet for your own personal records.
  • Please DO NOT turn in forms to homeroom teachers or school secretaries. 
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask Mr. Cheng or email him at
  1. Pre-Participation Physical (make sure the doctor signs twice)
  2. Parent Consent for Each Sport (each sport needs its own Parent Consent Form)
  3. Concussion Information
  4. Anti-Steroids Agreement Form
  5. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form
  6. Opioid Information Sheet
  7. Heat Illness Information Sheet