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The mission of the Wellness Program at each school site is to improve the health, well-being, and educational outcomes of San Francisco’s high school students through the provision of coordinated health, mental health, substance abuse and other support services at the school site. More info: www.sfwellness.org 



Here at Balboa we are fortunate to have a whole Wellness team and a DPH youth clinic on site that offers many services to students. 

Wellness Services: (Located in Room 100)

SFUSD Wellness Team Services include assessments, case management, crisis management, support groups, school-based nursing services, youth employment, referrals to the DPH clinic, community based organizations and other youth enrichment programs.

DPH Services: (Located in Room 156)

DPH Clinic medical services include both general health and reproductive health.  General health includes sports physicals and immunizations (depending on coverage/insurance), pap smears, etc.  Reproductive care includes it all!  STI testing, HIV testing, pregnancy testing, IUD insertions, Implant insertions (Nexplanon) , Depo Provera shots, vaginal rings, oral contraceptive pills, and condoms. General health requires parental consent, reproductive health does not require parental consent (per California Minor Consent law).


COVID-19 Updates

You may be feeling overwhelmed and hurt, or maybe motivated and hungry for change. Whatever you are experiencing, we are here to empower and support you in caring for yourself, finding and using your voice, and feeling safe to grow both as individuals and community members in our changing world. 

For the most up to date information regarding SFUSD visit the San Francisco Unified School District Recent Updates for Students and Families page.

For the most up to date information regarding COVID-19, ways to protect yourself, testing, and health directives, visit the San Francisco Department of Public Health COVID-19 Resources page.


This page was last updated on May 31, 2024