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Minimum System Requirements

Edgenuity Operating System

Chrome™ OS™ 57+ • Windows® 7, 8, 10 • Android™ 5.0+ • Apple iOS 10.3+ • Mac® OS X® 10.9+        


• Chrome  • Firefox®   • Safari® • Microsoft® Edge 

* Edgenuity products are tested on the latest supported browser versions. 

* Internet Explorer is not supported for Middlebury PowerSpeak World Languages. 


 2.33 GHz AMD® -or- Intel® 1.33 GHz • Memory: 1+ GB RAM 

Sound 3 

• OS supported sound card • Microphone, Speakers or Headsets 

Network Speed/Connection

• LAN 100/1000 switched to desktop • Internet access of 384 kbps per concurrent user • Wi-Fi with 54 mbps access points or better 



1. The Android operating system is supported by Edgenuity, but the Android browser is not. Android users should download and only use the Chrome browser to access Edgenuity.   

2. Slow Internet connections will affect the performance of multimedia elements found in the Edgenuity courses. Recommended workstation Internet access speeds are based on use of an Edgenuity Media Appliance.  

3. Students will need access to audio capabilities including microphones, speakers and/or headsets.  

4. Example mobile devices listed above have been tested to be functional when using Edgenuity. Devices not listed may be used providing they meet the minimum requirements. Smart phone and smart watch devices are not supported by Edgenuity. 

5. Edgenuity World Language courses (Spanish 2B) will not work on cell phones.


This page was last updated on June 3, 2021