By the Numbers

Grattan by the Numbers

Fast Facts

Total number of students, Pre-K through 5: approximately 450

Class sizes Gen Ed PK: up to 24; SDC PK: up to 12

Class sizes, K through 3: three classes per grade, up to 22 students each

Class sizes, 4 and 5: five combination classes of 25 students each

1 PK Cross-categorical SDC”, “1 K-2nd M/M Autism Focused SDC”, “1 3rd-5th M/M Autism Focused SDC”

Number of students participating in the GASP after-school program: approximately 280

Statistics & Demographics

Here are links to off-site locations housing Grattan's statistics. This includes the API scores, demographic information, and more.

2020-2021 School Plan for Student Achievement

Grattan’s Data Summary Newsletter Summer 2020

California Content Standards

Detailed school data for Grattan (and other district schools) at