Get Involved

Volunteer at Grattan

Volunteering is essential to building community, and it gives parents a sense of what's going on in the classroom and around the school. Any help is always appreciated!

Community and Fundraising Events

All year long, Grattan organizes fundraisers and events, and we need teams comprised of wonderful volunteers to pull it all together for the big day: Film Fest, Fun Fest, Inclusive Schools Week, Literacy Night, and more.

In the School

There are ongoing volunteer needs that help all our students, lunch and recess monitors, library support, and enrichment escorts; these volunteers help with the general flow of the school day.

In the Classroom

There are also volunteer needs in your classroom, such as chaperoning field trips, helping your teacher with photocopying and paperwork, and being a room parent. Contact your classroom teacher about these opportunities.


Grattan's committees always welcome new members and volunteers! Find out more on Konstella!

Administrative Bodies

There are a few administrative bodies that you can be involved with at Grattan: the PTA Board (Parent Teacher Association), the GASP board (Grattan After School Program), the SSC (School Site Council), and the ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee).

Other Ways You Can Help

Not enough time to help out during the day? We can use help gathering supplies and donations for specific events. Or sign up for a bake sale at one of our community events!

This page was last updated on April 7, 2020