The Annual Campaign

The Annual Campaign

Young boy holding annual campaign sign with colorful mural in background

Did you know that at Grattan, our 4th and 5th grade classes are only 25 students?  Did you notice that brand-new libraries were installed in each and every classroom? Were you aware that Grattan now has a Math coach to assist with teacher development? Is your student proud to wear their custom Grattan mask for back-to-school? Each of these wonderful aspects of Grattan have been made possible as a result of your generous contributions to Grattan’s Annual Campaign!

Grattan’s Annual Campaign is the school’s single biggest fundraising effort, generating 85% of the PTA’s funds. This year’s campaign, ‘Let’s beat 2020’ kicks off on October 1st, with the goal of exceeding $250,000 by the end of January. This year our overall goal is much lower than last and that’s because we want to focus on bringing the funds we need to the school while also recognizing that this may be a difficult year for many families. Most importantly, our goal is 100% community participation. All gifts are important!

  • An additional 4/5 teacher, reducing class size
  • ARTIF now increased to 4 days a week to offer individualized support
  • Math coach now 2 days a week
  • Technology support
  • Professional development for our teachers
  • Doris the Storyteller - now available virtually!
  • Supplies for home and school
  • Rebecca the Gardener is refreshing our outdoor spaces for when we return!

W We can fund these endeavors and more, but only with your help. There are three easy ways to give:


  1. Write a check payable to the Grattan PTA, and return via the accompanied self addressed stamped envelope to be sent back to Grattan.  Make sure to add “Annual Campaign” in the memo field.
  2. Make a credit card payment through PayPal and please consider adding a little to cover credit card fees.
  3. Automatic monthly donations through PayPal (this is a great way to budget a little per month!).

And of course, don’t forget to ask your company if they match! Hundreds do.

Our school stands out as a special place to learn and grow in an opportunity-rich environment! With the support of Grattan families like you, we will be able to continue our exceptional programming. We are living in unprecedented times, which is why we are so appreciative of our Grattan community. All gifts are meaningful, so please give what you can. If you have any questions, reach us at

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This page was last updated on April 18, 2024