Take a look at a day at Grattan Elementary School!

Photos are a essentially a snapshot of a moment in time.  Take a glimpse of what our students experience day to day!  Our learning is created through a combination of academic rigor, structured and free play, and artistic discipline.  Interpersonal skills, cooperative play, project-based learning are all present, if not visible in a photo!

School is a safe space for learning and exploring, and a school day reflects Grattan's efforts to teach the whole child. Our shared experiences with events, activities and enrichments give many opportunities to build community within our school.


VAPA with Charlotte Moraga

All students of SFUSD are given opportunities to learn through various means of play, art, music and movement.  The SFUSD VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts) program is an integral part of our students' learning experience while enrolled at Grattan.  Our VAPA teacher has had years of experience providing music, dance, and visual arts lessons across all grade levels.  The goal for all teachers and staff at Grattan is to provide culturally relevant lessons that allow students opportunities to exercise self-reflection and to recognize the need for equity, inclusion and representation in community.


Grattan Library

Literacy is enhanced and reinforced by weekly lessons by our dedicated librarian, who has curated our library to reflect the equitable and inclusive learning environment we strive to provide our students.


P.E. Parachute Exercises

Through our Physical Education program, our teacher provides an excellent outlet for students to practice collaborative play, cooperative learning and critical thinking skills.  


Gross Motor

Gross Motor is the foundation for more complex movement.  It allows students to cross the midline and work core muscles that help them run, jump, throw and play.  The building blocks for physcial and cognitive growth, motor skill development is essential to early childhood development and promotes cooperative play and socialization.  Our weekly Gross Motor class is teacher led and structured to provide the best opportunity to combine fun, play, movement and exercise.  



Grattan has been grateful for the opportunity to work with Master Storyteller, Ms. Doris.  She has been dedicated to the art of storytelling for decades.  Storytelling and interactive read alouds are important in promoting literacy in all grade levels while also encouraging higher level thinking.  All classrooms receive monthly storytimes with Ms. Doris, whose stories are told without books or notes.  Stories are interactive and engaging in a way that promote critical thinking and develop discussion skills through a more complex understanding of stories.  With Ms. Doris' help, students develop a more meaningful understanding of the power of words and the deeper meanings of stories and fables.


All Elementary Schools are provided an Instrumental Music Teacher for the 4th/5th grade instrumental Music Program.

"Music education improves academic achievement, builds communication skills, fosters creativity, develops teamwork, and increases engagement in school. SFUSD offers music classes and programs at every level.  Elementary schools are served by instrumental music teachers, Music Artists in Residence, and music programs such as those offered by the SF Symphony and SF Opera." (SFUSD website)


Gardening at Grattan is a community effort, complete with beautification days and opportunities for adults to participate through volunteering.  Students are given time in the garden while learning science lessons about the life cycle, food chains, weather, plant and animal needs, conservation and ecology.


Teachers at Grattan plan times throughout the year that include taking students off-campus to learn through real-world experiences.  Many of the trips depend on several variables, such as grade level, transportation, possible costs, and relevance to academic standards.  

Depending on available funding and available chaperones, our older students will visit other cities in overnight trips, while our younger students may participate in walking trips to the library or fire station.  When possible teachers may take opportunities to expose their students to experiences off campus to create meaningful lessons while also putting ideas learned in the classroom into context.  

Sometimes virtual field trips are also put into play as they become available.  

Field trips are a wonderful way to enhance learning, strengthen community and strengthen cooperative skills, social behavior while promoting safety in real-world situations.

This page was last updated on April 21, 2024