Grattan Fun Run

Fun Run Info

Get ready to run! Friday, May 1st is Grattan’s 1st annual Virtual Fun Run! Details: How can we do a FunRun if we aren’t at school?
Kids can get involved any way they want to by making a plan to exercise at home. They’ll have the “assignment” in their google classroom. Here are some ideas:
Wear your Grattan Gear or a BRIGHT outfit!
    1.    Run around your block or up your street (practice staying 6 feet away from others)
    2.    Do jumping jacks or running in place for the entire length of your favorite song
    3.    Do a free yoga for kids video on Youtube with your family’s help
Then, send a picture to of a drawing of what you did or a photograph of you in action, we’ll make this into a cool slideshow and share it the week after. If you’d like to- also tag your photos on Instagram with #grattanfunrun and tag @grattanelementarysf
Why do we do it?
This event celebrates the power of moving our bodies to make us strong and help others. Students get a huge sense of accomplishment by exercising and thinking about how to appreciate our community.
FUNdraising during the school closure:
We are NOT raising money for Grattan for this year’s FUN RUN. In previous years, the Grattan FunRun has raised money for our school and donated a large portion to a local school as well. This commitment to helping others is an important part of the school community. This year, we want to recognize that the Grattan community is made up not only of families and caregivers of children that go to our school but also the businesses that surround the school. Many of these businesses are struggling. We decided this year not to raise any funds for our school but to encourage supporting our local merchants who usually donate thousands of dollars to this and all the other Grattan programs. You can find links and resources for donating to these businesses here: ts=5e9ca919
We aren’t able to donate any money right now:
It is optional to donate funds for local businesses and we understand that this won’t be possible for many families. We’d like to encourage kids to give in other ways like sending thank you cards to essential workers like nurses, doctors, firefighters, mail carriers, etc. in your community,
What should kids and parents do?
Make a plan for what exercise you’ll do and how you’ll send appreciation to the community. Post to your Google Classroom. Share back photos with
The Volunteers
Usually we need a lot of families to get involved to keep our event safe for everyone. We’d still love your help! If you are interested in helping us quickly group together all of the photos and sending them back to the classes, please reach out to


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