Grattan Elementary is a small, vibrant, PreK-5 public school located in the Cole Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, California. We offer a solid, structured program with an emphasis on developing basic skills, supplemented with extra programs in arts and sciences.

Our school believes in a balanced approach to the development of the whole child. We foster critical thinking skills, nurture social and emotional growth, encourage respect for self and others, and inspire a lifelong love of learning. We implement anti-bullying and conflict-management curriculum for all students, with an emphasis on Restorative Practices.

The Grattan Way

Our students are all taught The Grattan Way:

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Kind.

This is an important school philosophy that guides the Grattan community. While all of our students embrace The Grattan Way, many will be "Caught in the Act" of doing so. On Mondays, Principal Cate Walter reads the names of all the children who were "caught" exemplifying The Grattan Way, and those children take a well-deserved bow. This ritual is one way that our school builds and nurtures community, creating a solid foundation for our use of Restorative Practices.


Community-building activities are an integral part of Grattan School, with frequent family events such as potlucks, festivals, and evening assemblies. Favorite yearly events include our Film Fest and Halloween Carnival in October, our Holiday Sing-Along in December, Inclusion Carnival and Fun Fest in the spring.


Grattan teachers believe that all students should have access to technology.  Technology is primarily used for the district's computer adaptive tests, and students are taught a solid foundation of computer skills in Kindergarten through 5th Grade.  Additionally, technology is sometimes used for classwork, collaborative projects, and all students are taught a good understanding of how an online footprint can travel, and how to respect and correctly use the wide bearth of knowledge available to them on the Internet.  Students are given the information needed to correctly and safely use the internet for creativity, collaboration and academic study.  


We are proud of our award-winning, innovative composting and recycling programs. All students participate in gardening activities that promote earth-friendly practices that will last a lifetime. Lessons in the outdoor classroom reinforce lessons and concepts learned in the science curriculum.  We have several gardening spaces, including an "outdoor classroom" on our campus. We dig, we plant, and we nurture our seedlings. We even cook and eat the food that we grow!


Our PTA supports the enrichment of all our students by funding our computer tech consultant, P.E. consultant, gardening instructor, choral music instructor, storyteller, after-school programs, and so much more!


Grattan’s parent participation has surged in the past few years. Parents are welcome and encouraged to volunteer in many different capacities. Many parents choose to help out in the library, classrooms, gardens, on field trips, and during the lunch+recess hour. Other parents devote their time and energy to various committees, including Greening, Inclusion, Literacy, Welcoming, Fundraising, and After-School Enrichment. Still, others enjoy planning school events and traditions, like our Kindergarten Milk & Cookies, Film Fest, Fun Fest, and Graduation.

Awards and Recognition

Grattan has been recognized by the San Francisco School Volunteer Program and has received several awards and designations over the past few years, including being named a 2014 California Distinguished School.


If you have questions about how to apply to Grattan and other SFUSD schools, please visit the SFUSD website.

This page was last updated on April 16, 2024