In the Classroom

In the Classroom


Teaching is a reflective process that guides and empowers students through sharing meaningful and engaging practices. Differentiated strategies and assessments are essential for dynamic, culturally relevant teaching that recognizes the potential and ongoing growth of every Grattan student.


Culturally relevant learning is an exciting interactive process of shared discovery. Learning is making connections through prior knowledge and experiences between ourselves and the world around us.


Literacy is a portal to transform yourself and impact society. Literacy has many forms of expression which encompass the concrete through the abstract.

Restorative Practices

Grattan uses Restorative Practices with our students – and within our entire community – to encourage personal responsibility, to create a safe and caring environment, and to restore relationships when harm has occurred. To learn more about this approach to communication and discipline, visit the Restorative Practices pages at SFUSD or at HealthierSF.


Our classroom teachers are fully credentialed, and several hold supplemental certifications or master's degrees. As a staff, we are committed to ongoing professional development and the use of effective, research-based teaching methods. Our balanced approach to the whole child helps our students develop critical thinking and inspires a thirst for learning. Grattan is fully committed to effective learning, in which the teachers’ and students’ voices are integral to the learning process. We help nurture our students’ social and emotional growth, as well as their ability to respect others and, most importantly, themselves.

Certified Instructors

Our classroom teachers are supported by a number of other certified instructors. We have a licensed speech therapist, a resource teacher, two music instructors (vocal and instrumental), instructional support aides, a media lab instructor, a PE instructor, as well as our Prop H librarian. Grattan staff collaborate to bring learning to our children through curiosity and joy. We are committed to the belief that ALL children are learners.