Special Education Department

Support for Students with IEPS

O’Connell’s Integrated Houses (9/10) and Integrated Pathways (11/12) are the least restrictive environment for students with IEPs. Integrated Houses include co-taught English and Science or Social Science. Integrated Labs include co-taught English, Science or Social Science, and Career Technical Education. Co-teaching provides students with the opportunity to participate fully in the instructional programs, hands-on project-based learning, and work-based learning available at John O’Connell High School. 

The Integrated Pathway curriculum is standards-based and connected to the other disciplines. The Special Education co-teacher / case manager works with all students, and the Integrated House/Pathway co-teaching team groups students with IEPs strategically within the general education setting to deliver specialized academic instruction and to help students make progress on IEP goals as they work with diverse peers. 

David Benson (bensond@sfusd.edu) : SDC Humanities and LRS Integration

Patti Daugherty (daughertyp@sfusd.edu) : SDC Math and Math Integration

Russ Fenstermaker (fenstermakerr@sfusd.edu) : SDC Science and SCS Integration

Leevert Holmes (holmesl@sfusd.edu) : Upper Division Integration

Amanda Karmelita (karmelitaa@sfusd.edu) : PS Integration and SDC English

Ari Raskin (raskina@sfusd.edu) : ACCESS

Elena Royale (royalee@sfusd.edu) : ECA Integration and SDC History

Eric Schottstaedt (schottstaedte@sfusd.edu) : HBS and BCT Integration

Sekani Spero (speros@sfusd.edu) : HSJ Integration



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