Getting Started With Distance Learning

Getting Started With Distance Learning

SFUSD has identified five key technologies for families to help navigate through distance learning successfully.  

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Devices and Internet

Your student(s) will need to connect with your school and teachers online.  Each student will need a device and internet access. 

If you need to borrow technology:

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To connect to your school and the family portal you will need an email address.  This will allow you to receive communications from your child's teacher, school, and district. 

Learn how to get a free email address to stay connected:

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ParentVue/Family Portal

The family portal allows you to see information and grades about each of your students in one account. You will need an email address to sign up. Please contact the school to get your activation code or call the Family Resource Link (415) 340-1716.

Learn more:

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Learning Management Systems

Longfellow teachers use Google Classroom, Seesaw, and/or Class Dojo to post schoolwork. Contact your student’s teacher for more info on what tool(s) your child’s class will be utilizing.  By connecting to your student’s account(s) you can receive emails about work they need to complete or any class announcements. Links to video conferencing will most likely be posted on these apps as well. 

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Video Conferencing

Video conferencing will be part of your teacher’s distance learning plan here at Longfellow. This allows teachers and students to see and speak with each other. The two tools that are used are Zoom or Google Meet. 

Learn how to use these tools online:

Helpful Family Tips