Free lunch at SFUSD

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Free lunch at SFUSD: a balanced, healthy meal

  • Choose 3, then it’s free! Use this image as a guide. To receive a free lunch, choose 3 or more food groups.

    • Pick at least 1 fruit or vegetable.

    • The lunch entree has 2 food groups: protein and grain!

    • Milk is optional.

  • Even if you bring lunch from home, grab a free combo of a milk, fruit and vegetable to round out your plate with 3 food groups.

  • SNS is unable to provide free milk to students or staff. If you would like individual items without the complete meal, first set up a SchoolCafe account following these Instructions for Creating a Parent account in Schoolcafe. Staff can also open an account to purchase school meals or ala carte items by following these Staff Instructions for Creating a SchoolCafe account

  • PIN numbers are not required at Middle and High schools this year. Just choose your complete meal and check out with the dining staff. A PIN number can be used if a student receives a special meal accommodation or is purchasing extra items.

  • A free Breakfast is also offered daily. Check with your school for the serving time(s).

  • A free Supper is available to students enrolled in most after school programs.

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