(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions

Parent FAQ Information (2022-23)

Welcome new and returning students and families! We are excited to kick off the new 2022-23 school year!

To better assist you, please view our Parent FAQ (frequently asked questions guide), to help you with general school questions, staff information, registration inquiries, and more.

Parents may contact the main office for assistance Monday-Friday from 8:00-4:00 p.m. Please call (415) 241-6240, and we will be happy to assist you.  

Have a great new school year!

First Week of School Reminders

Arrival Time and Class Schedules: 

On the 1st day of school all students are to arrive at 8:25 in time to transition to their 8th period/advisory class where they will receive their class schedules. Teachers will go over the schedules and assist them with any questions. Please click here see the special schedule for the first week of school.

School Breakfast and Lunch 

  • Students may eat breakfast in the cafeteria starting at 7:30 a.m.
  • School Lunches are free to all SFUSD students no matter your income level. However, parents are required to complete a School Café Lunch/ Multipurpose form provided by the Student Nutrition Office. Click here to complete the form and tutorial video. Visit SFUSD.edu/MFIF or watch Video / Step by Step guide. For questions, you may call our School Registrar, Marta Cabrera at (415)241-6240 or at cabreram@sfusd.edu.
  • Food Delivery not allowed: Students cannot receive school lunches dropped off by delivery companies, such as Door Dash or Grub Hub, or local restaurants.
  • MHS families, we are a closed campus. This means you must stay on campus for lunch. 12th graders will be eligible for off-campus lunch during the 2nd week of school.  You will receive a contract that students and parents must sign to be eligible. 11th graders will be eligible to get off-campus if they earn a 2.0 or above for the 1st marking period.   
  • Note: We review students' GPA's at the end of each marking period, and if their grades drop below a 2.0 or they have a high number of tardies after returning from lunch, then we will remove their off campus lunch privileges.

Notifying School of Early Pick Up or and Absences

  • If you plan to pick up your student early due to special appointments, please be sure to call our attendance clerk, Gerlie Colom in advance, so we may notify the classroom teachers.
  • If you must notify the school that he/she will be absent, or was absent due to illness or other, please also contact Gerlie Colom for assistance at (415) 241-6240, or by email at colomg@sfusd.edu.

Contacting Teachers & Staff

There are a few ways parents can contact your child’s teachers:

  1. To email a teacher, click on to their name(s) in your ParentVue account and send an email. 
  2. You may also reach a teacher or staff member by calling the school at (415) 241-6240.  We are not allowed to transfer calls to teachers during class time, but you may leave a message, and they will return your call. 
  3. Our Teacher and Staff Directory will be posted in the parent section on our school homepage after August 30, so you may simply click on the name of the faculty member and send an email.  

Student Counselors and Support Staff

Mission High has a great Student Services team who are here to help you and your students with a variety of support services. Feel free to contact us by email or by calling (415)241-6240.


School Principal


Valerie Forero 


Assistant Principal 

Fakhra Shah





April Harrison




School Registrar


Yadira Cabrera




Attendance Clerk


Gertude Colom




9th Grade Counselor 


Maria Servellon 




10th Grade Counselor


Bethany Kwan




11th Grade Counselor


Lena Rodriguez



12th Grade Counselor


Jennifer Soliz



9th to 12th Grade Newcomer / ELL Program Counselor

Dawn Woehl



Special Education Dept


Jacob Reid




School Dean


Student Outreach Coordinator


Arnold Zelaya


Juan Garcia






Afterschool Clubs Coordinator


Michael Elias




Parent Coordinator 


Benita Varnado




School Nurse 


Mary Michael Preyer-Watts




Wellness Center Director


Chandra Sivakumaran




CHOW Health Coordinator


Ray Sotto




Athletics Department- Sports Director


Arnold Zelaya




Mission Graduates Program 


Michael Elias




Migrant Education Program 

Gina Padilla                  


Blanca Gonzalez




How do I Receive School News?

The primary way parents receive school news is through email notices through a school communication program called ParentVue. This is a great tool that allows parents to receive weekly communications from the school site, such as parent bulletins and general notice, along with special notifications from the district. 

It also has a feature to allow parents to view their child’s class assignments, grades, attendance, and more. Additionally, parents can connect to your student’s teachers via an email feature in ParentVUE. View highlights and application information ParentVUE Features | SFUSD. Parents also receive phone system messages from the school, and text messages regarding upcoming events, meetings, resource information, and courtesy messages regarding canceled or rescheduled activities

Picture Day!

School wide Picture Day is September 7-9th. Students and parents will receive information notices in August! 

Student ID Cards

are issued after students have taken the school pictures in September.  It is important for students to carry their ID Cards to allow them to get into special school events, such as dances and games, as well as local community programs sponsored by our school partners.

Student Lockers 

Students will receive an assigned locker during the 2nd or 3rd week of school, along with a combination lock.   

P.E. Uniforms

All students enrolled in P.E. (Physical Education = gym class) must wear a PE uniform. P.E. Uniforms are free! Uniforms will be given out to students by the P.E. class teacher at the start of school.

Students may also buy additional Mission clothing from our student store, which will be announced during the start of the school year. 

Tee shirts = $10

Shorts = $10

Sweatshirts =$10 (non-hooded, crewneck)

Sweatpants = $12   

Mission Gear Orders

You may order Mission Gear Swag, such as T-Shirts, Hoodies, Shorts, and Sweatpants by contacting Marta Cabrera at (415) 241-6240 or by email at cabreram@sfusd.edu

School Tours and Shadowing

Look for School Tours and Shadowing schedules for the 2022-23 school year in September in your email announcements and on our school website. 

Registration/Immunization/Emergency Card Parent Forms

A Message From Our School Registrar:

Hello Mission Families! We hope that you are doing well and we are very excited to meet you all soon. My name is Ms. Cabrera and I’m the School Register/Counseling Office Secretary.

This year, we are going to continue filling out all the student registration requirement forms online. We are here to help. If you have a hard time filling it out online you can always come to the school, email me at cabreram@sfusd.edu, contact your counselor, request a paper copy or call me at 415-355-7320.

Note: Please click the  link below  to view and complete the mandatory due during the first week of school, if you have not already. Again, if you need any assistance please contact me at 415-355-7320.

Mission High School Registration Forms 2022-23 - Google Doc

Parent Activities & Volunteering

Mission High parents are invited to join or participate in the following parent groups throughout the school year.  

Mission High Parent Groups:

  •   (SSC)   School Site Parent Council
  •   (ELAC)   English Language Learners Parent Advisory  Council
  •   (AAPAC) African American Parent Advisory Council
  •   (PTSA)  Parent Teacher Student Association

Each parent council group provides parents, students, and staff members the opportunity to share their input regarding student programs and help resources to better serve our students.   

PTSA provides fun volunteer opportunities and fundraising activities for all parents, students and staff.

Look for all parent group announcements the first week of school in the parent section on our school website and by email!

How to Volunteer: 

  • Parents will receive monthly volunteer announcements from our PTSA, classroom teachers, and school clubs, so it is very easy to select volunteer assignments throughout the year.  Look for announcements in your school email, and in the parent section on our school website starting in late August!
  • Donate to a Classroom Teacher: Announcements on how you may donate to a classroom teacher will start in September. We will send out our Amazon Classroom Gift List by email. Teachers may also provide donation links to local stores or businesses for special materials and items not found on Amazon. Look for donation email announcements soon! 
  • Donate to Families in Need:

If you would like to provide a gift card to a family in need, please contact our family coordinator, Ms. Benita Varnado at varnadob@sfusd.edu

Many students need clothes and personal care items, so Target gift cards are ideal. Some families also struggle with food and groceries, so Safeway gift cards are especially helpful.

This page was last updated on May 1, 2023