Career and Technical Education (CTE)

Career Technical Education (CTE)

Mission High currently offers six Career and Tech Ed pathways.

Environmental Science

The Environmental Science Pathway is a two-year program for students in 11th and 12th grades that want to develop their skills in understanding, preserving and protecting the environment. 

Course Sequence:

  • 11th grade - Environmental Science 1 CTE
  • 12th grade - AP Environmental Science CTE Capstone

Fire Science and EMS Academy

Training the next generation of Firefighters and first responders, this new pathway is in partnership with SFFD and CCSF Fire.


Course Sequence:

  • 11th grade - CCSF Fire Science 50 (fall) and CCSF FSC 17 (spring)
  • 12th grade - CCSF EMT 1&2 (year long)

Media Arts

The Media Arts Pathway gives students at Mission High School an opportunity to train as skilled digital media professionals. Students are taught to use a variety of industry-standard software programs, video and photography equipment. Students create high-quality digital media products for fine arts, school collaboration and professional client projects. 

Course Sequence:

  • 9th/10th grade - Media Arts 1 
  • 11th grade - Media Arts 2 (Honey TV)
  • 12th grade - Adv. Media (Honey TV, Yearbook and Special Projects)

Peer Resources

This is an educator pathway where students learn about issues of social justice, and learn skills in peer mediation and social justice education workshops for their peers.

Course Sequence:

  • 11th grade - Critical Thinking and Social Change
  • Summer between - CCSF CDEV 75, or 78
  • 12th grade - Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice (Capstone)

Public Health

Course Sequence:

  • 9th grade - Freshman health
  • 10th grade - Public Health/ Physical Education class
  • 11th grade - Intro to Public Health & Facilitations Basics (fall) and CCSF Women’s Gender Studies (WGST) Course 55
  • 12th grade - CCSF WGST Course 54 (fall) and Capstones (spring)

Urban Agriculture

The Urban Agriculture pathway at Mission is a 2-3 year course sequence that covers the fundamental principles of organic farming, the science behind plants and soil, and the study of our food system through American Democracy and Economics. Students are exposed to the many careers available in the food industry: From farming, to urban parks, to distribution and retail.

Course Sequence:

  • 10th/11th grade - Agriculture II: The Field Course 
  • 11th grade - Plant and Soil Science
  • 12th grade - Ag American Democracy (fall) and Ag Economics (spring)

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